University of Milan launches a funding call for innovative research partnerships on Food Quality and Nutrition

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Published: December 4, 2023
The University of Milan, leading Spoke 4 in the PNRR OnFoods initiative, has announced a new funding opportunity for collaborative projects in food quality and nutrition. This cascade funding call is open to networks of companies, universities, and research centers and aims to promote sustainability in the food industry.

The call is open until January 25, 2024, with a total funding allocation of €4,180,000. Of this, €3,680,000 is earmarked for research activities in Southern Italy, while €500,000 is available for other regions in Central and Northern Italy. The funding distribution is 40% for research organizations and 60% for businesses, both large enterprises and SMEs.

The OnFoods project, in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, addresses issues related to sustainable food production, health, and climate change.

Spoke 4, focusing on food quality and nutrition, seeks to enhance food products' quality and nutritional value through innovative and sustainable technologies. It also aims to make healthier foods more appealing to consumers and promote sustainable dietary patterns.

The funding call encourages collaborations between research organizations and businesses to drive innovation in the food industry.

Three key themes are addressed within Spoke 4:

  • Reformulation of food products using innovative technologies to improve quality, safety, and nutrition.
  • Enhancing food quality and sustainability in the canteens, restaurant and distribution system, aiming to reduce waste and improve consumer awareness.
  • Sustainable technological innovation to reduce food waste and create value-added products.

These themes reflect the project's commitment to fostering sustainability, improving food quality, and reducing waste in the food industry. The University of Milan invites interested parties to submit proposals and be part of this innovative initiative.

For details regarding the call, please refer to the official University of Milan webpage at this link:

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