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OnFoods is the italian research and innovation network for sustainable food and nutrition.

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We build synergies between research centres and businesses, unlocking greater success and impact for all involved in the network.

OnFoods works as a coordinating hub for seven thematic Spokes, each focused on a specific and crucial aspect of the food system, yet working together to achieve common goals regarding food safety and quality, nutrition, and malnutrition prevention.


On Food Perspective

A Comprehensive View of the Eco-Agro-Food System


The Spoke’s Ecosystem

Seven research areas for seven major working groups


A Vision in Action

On the forefront of food innovation for people and the planet's health

Organizations and people

Players on Food

Twenty-six organizations involved with over 600 people.

Partnerships for Innovation

Involvement of Large Companies, SMEs, Start-ups, and Spin-offs

Management and Administrative Structure

The implementing entity (Hub) of OnFoods