On 25th June, Spoke 4 meets at the University of Milan

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Published: June 21, 2024 Event date: June 25, 2024
On 25th June, the annual meeting of Spoke 4 will be held at the University of Milan. This event aims to review the progress of the Work Packages, and thus the research activities of the Spoke. The research projects under Spoke 4 aim to improve the quality of food and nutrition to meet the needs and expectations of modern consumers.

This includes reformulating food, using innovative and sustainable technologies, and designing new foods while considering emerging interindividual features that drive personalised nutrition.

The focus is on promoting consumer health through improved food, diet, and nutrition, while also taking into account the large inter-individual variability of response to the diet and promoting careful personalisation of consumption.

Meeting programme

After the greetings from the president of the OnFoods Foundation, Daniele Del Rio, and the introduction by Spoke 4 leader, Patrizia Riso, each Work Package will present its research activities.

The presentations will begin with WP1 (Product and process innovation) and continue with the others: WP2, Product characterization by advanced analytical approaches; WP3, Healthy, sustainable, and personalised precision nutrition; WP4, Innovation in food design and scaling-up.

To close the meeting, there will be an introduction to the funded projects within the Spoke 4 cascade call, updates and future research directions from the ECS, and concluding remarks by Patrizia Riso.

On Tuesday, 25th June

10:30 —11:00
Registration of participants ECS meeting

Welcome from OnFoods President Prof Daniele Del Rio
Introduction Spoke 4 Food Quality and Nutrition Prof. Patrizia Riso

WP1: Product and process innovation

— Overview WP1 and projects insight (Prof. Daniela Martini, Prof Matteo Scampicchio)
— Task.4.1.1 Reformulation or improvement of relevant food products (Matilde Tura)
— Task 4.1.2 (Bio)process innovation to improve food quality and sustainability (Ottavia Parenti)
— Task 4.1.3 Food quality and sustainable nutrition within the catering and distribution system (Massimiliano Tucci)
— Discussion on ongoing projects and potential issues, call for collaborations

WP2: Product characterization by advanced analytical approaches

— Overview WP2 and projects insight (Prof. Alessandra Bendini, Prof. Luisa Mannina)
— Task 4.2.1 Development and application of advanced analytical procedures (Federico Brigante)
— Task 4.2.2 Characterization of new products (Giacomo di Matteo)
— Discussion on ongoing projects and potential issues, call for collaborations

WP3: Healthy, sustainable and personalised precision nutrition

— Overview WP3 and projects insight (Prof Pedro Mena, Prof. Alessandra Bordoni)
— Task 4.3.1 Development and validation of sustainable models of personalized/precision nutrition (Carlo De Matteis - UNIBA)
— Task 4.3.2 Bioaccessibility, bioavailability and bioactivity of food components (Gabriele Rocchetti - UNICATT)
— Task 4.3.3 Food-human interaction in the gastrointestinal milieu (Nicola Mangieri - UNIMI)
— Discussion on ongoing projects and potential issues, call for collaborations


WP4: Innovation in food design and scaling-up

— Overview WP4 and projects insight (Dr Fiorella Sinesio, Prof. Lucia Vannini)
— Task 4.4.1 Prototyping of new sustainable products (Susanna Lelli)
— Task 4.4.2 Scaling up of prototypes (Silvia Tagliamonte)
— Task 4.4.3 Consumers’ motivations and barriers towards food innovation (Marta Appiani)
— Discussion on ongoing projects and potential issues, call for collaborations

Introduction to the funded projects within the spoke 4 cascade call

ECS updates and future directions

Concluding remarks Prof. Patrizia Riso

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