Legal Issues for a Sustainable Agrifood Chain: the FLAN Conference 2024

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Published: April 26, 2024 Event date: May 15 - 17, 2024
The Food Law Academic Network (FLAN) has been established with the goal to foster the debate on food law issues. The second conference of the FLAN Network will be held in Italy (15th, 16th and 17th May 2024) at the University of Bari and CIHEAM Bari, on the topic: “Legal Issues for a Sustainable Agrifood Chain”.

Around this theme, the aim is to explore the policy dynamics and the relationship between the actors involved in the agrifood chains as players implementing the different aspects of sustainability; analyse key issues related to the "sustainable food system” defined as a comprehensive concept by the EU Commission; identify legal models, best practices and case studies related to sustainability issues; finally, present a perspective of policy and legal schemes aimed at identifying a sustainability paradigm for this sector.

Researchers and practitioners interested in participating had been invited to submit their work related, but not restricted, to the following macro-themes: 1) environmental issues and climate change: impacts on the agrifood sector; 2) controversies in circular economy: understanding the roles of farmers, businesses, consumers, and labelling tools; 3) workers and human rights concerns in the food supply chain: processing, trade and consumers perception.

The workshop takes place as a part of the OnFoods project Definition of an ethical legal model of sustainable food system relationships, coordinated by the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” and Spoke 1. The complete information about the FLAN Conference 2024 can be found on the official website.

The Conference Programme

The opening session of the conference (15th May 2024) initiates the discussion about the definition of a legal concept of sustainability in the light of the “food system” as outlined by the Farm to Fork document as well as the possible outcomes of the Sustainability Regulative Framework in the European Union.

On 16th May parallel sessions will be held on 3 subtopics of the conference.

During the final session (17th May) the result of the discussion of each session will be presented. A final document will be drafted and presented as the result of the FLAN conference. 

To access the full conference programme, please download the attachment below.

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