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Blog postJun 4, 2024

Policies for Healthy and Sustainable Diets: just published!

Over the last few decades, policies have markedly risen, advocating for healthy and sustainable diets. To report on evidence-based policies, Work Package 7.4 will assess current ex-post evaluations of global public policies and produce new data using rigorous approaches to appraise international, European, and Italian policies.

New quality requirements for public procurement will be further developed, taking into consideration inputs from Spoke 1 “Global Sustainability”. These requirements will aim to a) facilitate communication and cooperation between public bodies, consumers, and selected providers; b) promote networking and partnership among local providers to foster innovation and balance market-oriented goals; c) assess consumer attitudes towards resulting dietary patterns that prioritise a balance between supply and consumption.

The implementation of stringent policies to encourage healthy and sustainable eating habits in schools is of utmost importance. Building on Work Package 7.3 tasks, WP 7.4 will, therefore, focus on utilising locally sourced and culturally suitable products while simultaneously advocating for the core values of the Mediterranean diet. 

Finally, the Work Package 7.4 team will thoroughly analyse the latest evidence-based research from national and international sources to establish comprehensive policy guidelines and recommendations. Additionally, they will gather insights and feedback from various tasks and activities, focusing on WP 7.2, WP 7.3, and Task 7.3.3. They will also consider proposals for potential changes to existing legislation and seek input from stakeholders and policymakers to ensure that a broad range informs the WP’s recommendations of perspectives and expertise and reflect a deep understanding of the complex issues at stake.

Task and deliverables

Task 7.4.1.

The last decades have seen a surge in policies promoting healthy and sustainable diets. T74.1 will: (1) review existing ex-post evaluations of public policies at the international level; (2) generate new evidence, using robust methods, evaluating international, European, and Italian national, regional policies.

Task 7.4.2.

Basing also on inputs from Spoke 1 new quality requirements for public procurement will be developed: a) implement interplay between public bodies, consumers and selected providers; b) opportunities to networking and partnership among local selected providers to innovate and rebalance typical market-oriented rationales; c) test consumer attitude towards the resultant dietary patterns enhancing balance between supply and consumption.

Task 7.4.3.

Building on task T7.2.3 and WPT7.3, and considering regional differences, this task will develop a set of policies aiming to promote a transition towards healthy and sustainable diets within schools focusing on local and culturally acceptable products and on the promotion of the values of the Mediterranean diet.

Task 7.4.4.

Production of a set of policy-oriented guidelines and set of recommendations based on: (a) current national and international evidence-based; (b) findings and inputs from all tasks and activities, especially WP7.2, WP7.3 and Task 7.3.3; (c) proposals to modify existing legislation; (d) feedback from stakeholders and policymakers.



Classification of existing policies, complete with an assessment on the direction and strength of available evidence (M12)


List of selecting criteria prioritized to innovate public procurement (M18)


Identification of target groups of local and culturally acceptable products and of promotion strategy (M10)


List of consulted stakeholders / policy makers (M28)