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Identification and application of biomarkers of food intake

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Research projects
Being the purpose of Work Package 5.4 centred on the identification and application of biomarkers of food intake, the main research activities of this group will be oriented towards defining protocols and schemes for collecting data and metadata on dietary biomarkers, measuring food biomarkers based on multi-omics platforms, classifying nutritional patterns related to biomarkers discovery and associations with possible diet-related health disorders, and developing disorder-specific dietary intervention criteria based on predictive tools based on biomarkers patterns.

A further step of WP 5.4 will investigate selected cohorts to validate biomarkers in real-life and life-long settings: childhood dietary adherence biomarkers, elderly dietary adherence biomarkers, and maternal nutritional adherence biomarkers. 

With the final aim to develop and verify food biomarkers, it will also establish a polycentric infrastructure for biological sample collection, standard identification, data storage and analysis, and the recruitment of healthy participants for population screening.

Task and deliverables

Task 5.4.1.

Definition of the protocols for the acquisition of data and metadata relating to biomarkers of eating habits (identification of the multi-omic protocols of choice for the measurement of food biomarkers, classification of biomarkers according to specific links with diet-related risk factors, definition of criteria for the use of biomarkers for applications in interventions of diet improvement).

Task 5.4.2.

Investigations on selected cohorts for the validation of biomarkers in a real-life and life-long environment (biomarkers of adherence to dietary recommendations for children, biomarkers of adherence to dietary recommendations for the elderly, biomarkers of adherence to diet recommendations for pregnant women).

Task 5.4.3.

Organisation of a multicentre infrastructure for the collection of samples and data dedicated to the identification and validation of food biomarkers (organisation of a multicentre infrastructure for collection of biological samples and identification standards, organisation of a multicentre and multisectoral infrastructure for data analysis, organisation of a clinical multicentre infrastructure for population recruitment and relationships with ethics committees).



List of biomarkers, their measurement protocols, and pipelines for data patterns analysis, specifically validated to discover dietary patterns and to classify health disorders associated to different dietary patterns (M6)


Multicenter infrastructures dedicated to the population screening for diet-related health disorders (M12)