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Promoting sustainability in food distribution

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Research projects
Blog postJun 26, 2024

University Campuses as Models of Food Environments: The PPP-URB Project towards Sustainable Public Food Procurement

Blog postJun 24, 2024

Sustainability and social innovation in local areas also rely on local agri-food supply chains

Blog postMay 8, 2023

Sustainable Food Procurement policies to improve the production and adoption of healthy diets.

Through research projects under Work Package 1.2, Spoke 01 works to improve knowledge and innovation related to sustainable food distribution models. 

If effective solutions are to be found for improving the sustainability of food distribution chains, it is crucial to first focus on the national context and analyse the socio-economic characteristics that affect food distribution. This type of analysis can provide a clear starting point for defining efficient models for food markets through innovative sales methods and fair price management.

WP 1.2 asks how short food supply chains can contribute to developing more sustainable food management models. How can food sustainability be improved in public and private canteens; how can urban agriculture projects contribute to the needs of the poorest people? Furthermore, solutions are being pursued to make wholesale markets more efficient and fair at the same time.

Task and deliverables

Task 1.2.1.

Analysis of Italian food environments at national, regional, and local level with respect to socio-economic and geographical characteristics.

Task 1.2.2.

Towards fair and efficient food markets: implementation of methodologies to define economic efficiency through innovative retailers and fair price management within the value chains.

Task 1.2.3.

Food procurement and short food value chains: analysis and development of good practices for organisational and management models aimed to improve the affordability of sustainable food products in public and private canteens and fragile citizens through urban garden.

Task 1.2.4.

Fair and efficient wholesale fruit and vegetable markets: analysis of innovative organisational and managerial forms of wholesale fruit and vegetable markets for an efficient and fair management of national and international fruit and vegetable value chains.



List of components that characterise national, regional, and local food environments and the specific objects of analysis (M12)


On-field selected "Living labs" (M24)


List of determinants that characterise and influence the efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of agricultural markets in short and long-distance value chains (M24)


List of determinants impacting public and private food procurement to improve its management, facilitate access to quality food and improve health (M24)


List of case studies of fruit and vegetable markets on which to focus research activities in order to make them more efficient and adherent to the marketing needs of quality products through innovative market models and in support of local supply chains (M36).