Research project
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The minimum environmental criteria in collective catering and in the food supply services of the various public administrations

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Principal investigators
Giuliana Di Fiore

Other partecipants Paola Caputo, Giulio Ferla
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Task involved

Task 1.2.1.

Analysis of Italian food environments at national, regional, and local level with respect to socio-economic and geographical characteristics.

Project deliverables


Report on good practices related to sustainability policies in food environments (M24).

State of the art

In recent years, both the legislator and the Italian government have intervened on the identification of minimum environmental criteria in public services concerning the assignment of the collective catering service and for the supply of foodstuffs. The application of the CAMs is mandatory for the contracting stations which, pursuant to art. 34 of Legislative Decree 50/16, are required to include in the tender planning documentation the technical specifications and contractual clauses indicated in the related DM, to seek solutions for improvement in terms of environmental impact. The tenders will have to comply with various and articulated requirements: from the use of well-defined percentages of organic products and antibiotic-free meat, to the valorisation of zero km supplies and transport with electric vehicles, and obligation of reusable crockery and purchase of new.

Operation plan

The contracting stations are therefore required to make a more qualified commitment in the design and implementation of an organizational and production model for catering with a low environmental impact, also to spread the culture of correct nutrition. The project therefore aims to examine a significant number of public tenders, on different territorial bases to verify the inclusion of CAMs, also from a quantitative and qualitative point of view. The other element of the research will be the evaluation, where possible, of the effectiveness of these criteria on the quality of the service and/or of the acquired good, also in relation to the satisfaction of the users of the service.

Expected results

The results of the survey are aimed at highlighting the effectiveness of the choices of public administrations in the various sectors (school, health, public canteens), and in the different territories, in order to highlight in which sectors CAM produce the greatest effects and in which geographical areas, so as to prepare legal instruments for harmonization.