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Carbon and water footprint of food service production: widening of a database

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Task involved

Task 1.1.2.

Sustainable accountancy and accountability approaches for selected value chains with definition of tools, indicators, and data (primary and secondary) for measuring sustainability, short and long-distance value chains, and food environments (e.g., Life Cycle Assessment, CHG protocol, Risk-Benefit Assessment, Local Multiplier3, FAO-SAFA).

Project deliverables


Report on indexes and metrics of sustainability of short and long-distance value chains and food environments (M12)


Report on good practices related to sustainable accountability and communication approaches in quality value chains (M24)

State of the art

Thanks to the European program known as Su-Eatable Life, and to the collaboration with Fondazione Barilla, CIRFOOD is already measuring the environmental impact of food according to two different KPIs: carbon and water footprint. Adhering to the initiative, CIRFOOD has received a database reporting the emissions of CO2 and consumption of water per each single kilogram of raw material. However, the boundaries of the analysis carried out to create such a database did not take into consideration the environmental impact emerging from food production activity within the kitchens.

Operation plan

This document will investigate the opportunity to widen the borders of the database already possessed by CIRFOOD, in order to make more realistic the measurements of carbon and water footprint for each single food ingredient. The duration of the project will be around 12 months. The company is therefore looking for a scientific committee that could support it in concluding this activity.

Expected results

The expected result is an update of the numerical value of the two above mentioned KPIs inside the database provided to CIRFOOD by Fondazione Barilla.