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Sarcopenic obesity and the impact on bone health

Migliaccio, S., Mocini, E., Minnetti, M., & Donini, L. M.

Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, 2024 mar 20


May 1, 2024

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Purpose of review 
Sarcopenic obesity is a newly identified pathological entity defined by an increase in body fat mass with an associated sarcopenia, characterized by loss of muscle mass, strength, and function. Recently, the concomitant presence of skeletal alteration with sarcopenic obesity has been described leading to a new clinical entity defined osteosarcopenic obesity (OSO). Many studies have tried to unravel the metabolic complex mechanism leading to this clinical entity in order to understand the pathophysiology of this complex condition with the aim of posing an early diagnosis to improve the therapeutic approaches. The purpose of this narrative review is to highlight and revise recent studies on this issue.
Recent findings 
Recent research in the field of OSO has highlighted the role of nutrition and physical activity in the development and management of these conditions. While molecular and cellular pathways remain partially understood, there is a growing focus on lifestyle interventions as key factors in reducing the impact of OSO. These studies emphasize the need for early diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic strategies to improve quality of life and decrease morbidity and mortality associated with OSO.
Although the pathophysiological pathways underlying OSO are not fully understood, the clinical implications underscore the need for expanded research in this field. This research is crucial for enabling early diagnosis and implementing effective therapeutic interventions, with the goal of reducing morbidity and mortality and enhancing quality of life.

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