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OnFoods is a partnership consisting of 26 organizations and over 600 people involved, dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the areas of food and nutrition.

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We bring together, coordinate and amplify the work of 26 public and private organisations, leaders in scientific research and sustainable innovation of food systems.

The project involves around 600 people, including professors, researchers, executives, and employees from top companies in the Italian agri-food sector. This group also includes 129 new researchers, as well as 200 PhD students and post-doctoral scholars.

Our partnership is included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which the Italian Government has prepared as part of the Next Generation EU program.

Young talents at OnFoods

OnFoods is a project that strives to bridge the gap between scientific research and the food industry.

The team is actively seeking young and talented researchers to join its mission.
The project is led by a team of 61 PhD-holding staff members who have earned their degrees in the past decade. To expand its reach, OnFoods is recruiting 129 RTDAs, Postdocs, and PhDs. These individuals will have access to a stimulating and interdisciplinary research environment that encourages international mobility and collaboration with experts from both academic and non-academic sectors.

Gender Equality at OnFoods

OnFoods prioritizes gender equality in its research program, from recruitment to decision making and implementation.

Measures are in place to encourage and support female candidates, including setting recruitment goals and implementing gender diversity hiring practices.

A Gender Committee is established to ensure a more equal gender distribution in decision-making bodies and to address any gender-related issues that may arise. The research and innovation content will also take into account the gender dimension and respect the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination in accordance with EU directives.