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OnFoods Foundation

Research and Innovation for Sustainable Food and Nutrition

We are a partnership for the Sustainable Development of Food and Nutrition, funded under the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)

About OnFoods

Taking Action On Food Systems, Focused On Sustainability, Working On Safety, Security And Health.

OnFoods is a foundation that brings together, coordinates and amplifies the work of 26 public and private organisations, leaders in scientific research and sustainable innovation of food systems.

Our partnership falls within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which the Italian Government has prepared as part of the Next Generation EU program.


Cascade funding calls: a roadmap to impact

OnFoods promotes a scheme based on cascade funding to support research projects initiated by external businesses and public and private research organizations that are not part of the Partnership but are interested in the topics addressed by the HUB and the Spokes, through the provision of appropriate funding.


Headline News

Explore the highlighted news from the OnFoods partnership: conferences, cascade funding calls, meetings, and events where we are featured.

Blog post2023-12-05
Extended research partnerships to restore resilience and defeat malnutrition: University of Pavia's cascade funding call is open
The OnFoods Spoke 06 call for proposals is open until January 22, 2024.
Blog post2023-12-04
University of Milan launches a funding call for innovative research partnerships on Food Quality and Nutrition
The call is open until January 25, 2024, with a total funding allocation of €4,180,000.
Blog post2023-11-22
The University of Parma launches the first cascade funding call for collaborative research projects on the themes of Global Sustainability.

Blog post2023-09-29
First Collective Catering Summit: new procurement code, future of work, GenZ numbers and trends
CIRFOOD DISTRICT, October 16, 2023 from 10:15 AM to 6:30 PM

On Food Perspective

A Comprehensive View of the Eco-Agro-Food System


The Spoke’s Ecosystem

Seven research areas for seven major working groups


Partnerships for Innovation

Involvement of Large Companies, SMEs, Start-ups, and Spin-offs

Organizations and people

Players on Food

Twenty-six organizations involved with over 600 people.


OnFoods Magazine

Discover our in-depth articles on topics and themes of the OnFoods project, approached through the perspective of spokes, work packages, and research projects.

Blog post2023-05-19
The Challenge of Malnutrition in Older Adults
Programmes of Work Packages 6.1, 6.2 and 6.4 of OnFoods and the flagship research project “SENIOR.”
Blog post2023-05-19
Reducing Food Waste through Healthier and More Sustainable Eating Habits
The programme of Work Package 7.2 of OnFoods and the flagship research project WASTEIT
Blog post2023-05-17
Risk mitigation strategies in food production, processing, storage and retailing
Spoke 03 working context, Work Package 3.2 activities and the LAB_RESPOIL flagship research project.
Blog post2023-05-12
Food loss and waste: how green logistics can contribute to reduce them.
Programme of the OnFoods Work Package 2 and SOL-SUSTLOG “flagship” research project
Blog post2023-05-11
Protecting present and future lives through a healthy and sustainable early nutrition
Programme of Work Package 5.3 of OnFoods and research flagship project “PERMED”
Blog post2023-05-08
The sustainability of food environments, amid value chains and eating habits: the GEN_YOU project
An overview of the thematic context on the food environment and the case of the GEN_YOU research project.
Blog post2023-05-08
Sustainable Food Procurement policies to improve the production and adoption of healthy diets.
The background context to understand Food Procurement, the work of WP 1.2, and the flagship research project PPP_URB.
Blog post2023-05-04
Sustainable food production amid systemic limitations and the rising demand for food.
The challenges of sustainable food production in the face of systemic limitations and increasing demand.