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Innovation in food design and scaling-up

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Research projects
In the context of the OnFoods project, Work Package 4.4 aims to bring innovation to the food industry by promoting sustainable and healthy food products that meet consumers' needs in terms of nutrition and enjoyment.

One of the key objectives of this work package is to develop new pilot food products that are both nutritious and delicious, using the results of previous research carried out within the OnFoods project (Work Packages 4.1 and 4.2). The focus is on food design that considers  the nutritional and functional requirements of consumers, as well as their sensory and convenience preferences.

Another important aspect of Work Package 4.4 is scaling up the most promising prototypes to a large scale. This involves working with start-up acceleration programmes to validate the concepts and bring the new products to market, ensuring they are accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Overall, Work Package 4.4 is an exciting opportunity for the food industry to drive innovation and promote sustainable and healthy food products that meet the needs of consumers in an increasingly health-conscious world.

Task and deliverables

Task 4.4.1.

Prototyping of new sustainable and healthy products to meet consumer needs in terms of nutritional and functional targets, but also sensory characteristics and convenience, thus increasing adoption in the long term by promoting exploitation of the previous implemented approaches (see WP4.1, WP4.2) to develop new pilot food products (food design) also in connection with start-up acceleration programmes (activities are also in connection with Spoke 3).

Task 4.4.2.

Scaling up of the most promising prototypes and validation of concepts from small to large scale, also in connection with start-up acceleration programmes.

Task 4.4.3.

Identification of consumers' motivations, attitudes, drivers, and barriers towards food innovation to design a strategy for its acceptance (in connection with WP1-WP3, Spoke 1, 3 and 7).



List of main food benchmarks to plan pilots and scaling (M12) M4.4.2.1. List of prototypes to be scaled up (M24)


List of main companies interested in the prototype to verify the potential real-life application or the final version and release it for wide scale implementation or sales (M18)


List of individual characteristics or personality traits that could affect food innovation acceptance (M24)